Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop

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Shari Berkowitz & The Vertical Workshop



The Music of Pilates - MAT ONLY is a continuing education workshop that you listen to and speak to practice. It is also an aural manual to refer back to over time...each exercise is listed like a separate song track on a CD. Mr. Pilates created a different rhythm for each exercise. They highlight the action of the exercise to direct the specific purpose. When you work with Mr. Pilates actual rhythms...the exercises come to life! This is a sincere workshop with learning and practice modules. You will certainly come away from this at-home/at-studio workshop with a new set of tools making your and your clients' experiences easier! Teaching should be fun and effective... The keener your tools are...the stronger your teaching and the more your clients change for the better! How does it work? 1. You download this product to your computer. 2. You transfer it to your mobile device (if you wish). 3. Play it on your computer, Smartphone, iPod, iPad/Tablet, etc. Just like you would music. 4. Module 1 - Introduction Module 2 - Learning -You learn the purpose of each exercise in the mat order in the typical "Advanced" list of exercises. -You learn the rhythm and accents that Mr. Pilates created for each exercise. -You learnhow to count each exercise and teach them in rhythm -You listen and can do the exercises in rhythm Module 3 - Practice -You can physically do each exercise to the rhythm, listen to or speak out loud each rhythm through the Advanced order. You can pause the workshop at any time to rework an exercise or choose a slower or faster tempo for an exercise. This helps embody the rhythms. Of course...not every exercise is for every person, so feel no pressure to do it all. However, learn the rhythms so you can teach them. Enjoy! -Shari Berkowitz

This offer contains:

-Module 1 - Introduction to The Music of Pilates
-Module 2 - Learning - Information
-Module 2 Mat The Hundred
-Module 2 Mat The Roll Up
-Module 2 Mat The Rollover
-Module 2 Mat The Single Leg Circles
-Module 2 Mat Rolling Like A Ball
-Module 2 Mat The Single Leg Stretch
-Module 2 Mat The Double Leg Stretch
-Module 2 Mat The Single Straight-Leg Stretch
-Module 2 Mat The Double Straight-Leg Stretch
-Module 2 Mat The Criss-Cross
-Module 2 Mat The Spine Stretch Forward
-Module 2 Mat Open Leg Rocker
-Module 2 Mat The Corkscrew
-Module 2 Mat The Saw
-Module 2 Mat The Swan Preparation
-Module 2 Mat The Swan-Dive
-Module 2 Mat The Single Leg Kicks
-Module 2 Mat The Double Leg Kicks
-Module 2 Mat The Neck Pull
-Module 2 Mat The Scissors (High Scissors)
-Module 2 Mat The Bicycle (High Bicycle)
-Module 2 Mat The Shoulder Bridge
-Module 2 Mat The Spine Twist
-Module 2 Mat The Jack Knife
-Module 2 Mat The Side Leg Kick
-Module 2 Mat The Teaser (I, II, III)
-Module 2 Mat The Can-Can
-Module 2 Mat Hip Circles
-Module 2 Mat Swimming
-Module 2 Mat Leg Pull - Front (Facing Down)
-Module 2 Mat The Leg Pull (Facing Up)
-Module 2 Mat The Kneeling Side Kicks
-Module 2 Mat The Side Bend
-Module 2 Mat The Boomerang
-Module 2 Mat The Seal
-Module 2 Mat The Crab
-Module 2 Mat The Rocking
-Module 2 Mat Control Balance
-Module 2 Mat Push Ups
-Module 3 - Practice - Information
-Module 3 Mat

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-High Quality MP3 (320 kbs)

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